High-Performance Catch Restrictors – White


High-Performance Catch Restrictors in a classic white finish offer top-tier safety and convenience in your home or office. Made from durable materials, these versatile, user-friendly, and dependable components ensure exceptional longevity and performance. With adjustable settings, they provide a secure and user-friendly solution for limiting door and window openings.



Our white High-Performance Catch Restrictors offer superior safety and convenience. These critical safety components limit door and window opening, improving home or business safety and comfort.

Our catch restrictors are made of strong, durable materials. Their sturdy design prevents mishaps and unauthorised entry.

White catch restrictors match any decor. The white surface makes it easy to find and use.

High-Performance Catch Restrictors are easy to install and use. They can be adjusted to limit door and window openings. They securely install and work reliably.


Premium Materials: Strong and durable.
Classic White Finish: The catch restrictors are white to improve visibility and blend into any interior.
Easy Installation and Adjustment: Our product is user-friendly and efficient.
Secure Function: These restrictors securely limit door and window opening, improving home and business safety.
White High-Performance Catch Restrictors provide security. Safeguard your space today!White High-Strength Cable Tie Restrictors organise your workspace. These cable management necessities help you bundle and secure cables for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient environment.

Our cable tie restrictors are made of strong, resilient materials. These cable ties are strong but lightweight. They keep cables in place under harsh conditions and large loads.